In these transformative times, we find ourselves at a crossroads — a critical juncture in the journey toward justice, equity, and the liberation of Black lives. As we reflect on the past year, we are honored to share with you the remarkable progress and unwavering commitment of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF).

At the heart of our mission are six distinct but interconnected pillars, each a beacon guiding us toward a world where Black lives flourish and thrive:

Policy: Our commitment to reimagine a world without punitive measures and to create a society where Black people have access to the essentials—food, education, housing, healthcare, clean water, breathable air, and community safety—is unwavering. We’ve been at the forefront, actively intervening in existing and emerging policies perpetuating injustice. We have advanced the People’s Response Act, championed the Senate Budget Amendment, and relentlessly pursued an end to Qualified Immunity.

Arts: Our focus on the intersection of art and activism is a testament to our belief in the transformative power of creativity. Black liberation is not merely a political struggle; it is an artistic one, and we are determined to preserve and protect Black creativity. We continue to amplify the voices of artists who inspire us to dream big and create the community we yearn for.

Healing Justice: We recognize the deep wounds inflicted upon our communities by oppressive structures and injustice. To counter this, we are building healing spaces and nurturing ecosystems that support Black communities. These spaces are essential for healing, thriving, and supporting system-impacted families.

Frontline Organizing: The heart of our movement lies where leaders and organizations at the local level are building radical models rooted in Black power, self-determination, and support for system-impacted families. We stand shoulder to shoulder with these fearless organizers, forging partnerships that center abolitionist principles and challenge oppressive systems at their core.

Research & Education: In our pursuit of Black liberation, knowledge is our greatest weapon. We invest in modern-day research and education that focuses on abolitionist frameworks and curricula around Black history, identity, and Black futures. This knowledge empowers us and fuels our movement towards a more just and equitable world.

Culture: At the heart of our community is a vibrant and resilient culture that propels us forward. We uplift Black culture in all its forms, for it is the source of our strength and resilience. It inspires us to dream big and create the communities we need to flourish, grow, and thrive.

As we move forward, we remain resolute in our commitment to the following initiatives– including, but not limited to:

  • The People’s Response Act is a critical piece of legislation that seeks to redefine how we respond to crises and emergencies. It aligns with our vision of a world where punitive measures are replaced with community care and support.
  • The Senate Budget Amendment reflects our belief that resources must be directed towards the fundamental needs of Black communities to ensure equitable access to food, education, housing, healthcare, and more. The cities that pour money and resources into community care, rather than the carceral system deserve to be uplifted, not penalized.
  • Our ongoing fight to End Qualified Immunity is a testament to our commitment to dismantling oppressive systems that shield those who perpetrate harm. We will not rest until justice is served.
  • We advocate tirelessly for Student Debt Cancellation, recognizing the burden it places on Black individuals and communities striving for education and economic empowerment.
  • The pursuit of Reparations remains central to our mission, as it addresses the historical and ongoing injustices that have marginalized Black communities.

BLMGNF is resolute in its determination to make a profound impact and resolute in how we approach our mission. We are blazing a trail towards a new and better society– a society where Black lives not only find “inclusion” but thrive with unwavering determination, freedom, and resources.

As we journey onward, we extend our deepest gratitude to you, our steadfast friends, partners, and supporters, for your unwavering belief in our cause. Together, we will continue to forge Black Power for Black Liberation, ensuring that the legacy we bequeath is one defined by justice, equity, and boundless potential.

In solidarity and unwavering commitment,

Cicley Gay
Board Chair
Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation