We are uplifting Black culture that propels us to dream big and create the community we want and need to flourish, grow, and thrive.

Continuing with 2022 Black Future Month’s theme of spotlighting cultural workers and innovators uplifting future generations, BLM powered a two-part concert series within Inglewood. Based out of the historic Miracle Theater, this two-part concert series sought to uplift local Black talent and Black dreaming via a free event for the community.

The Imaging Abolition Video Series is a three-part video series portraying a vision of an abolitionist world where systemic injustices are dismantled and care, dignity, and respect form the foundations of societal structures. From recounting personal experiences of threats and harassment faced by civil rights leaders to the tenacious efforts against institutionalized oppression within the criminal justice system, these stories emphasize the urgency to construct our liberated world through a lens of abolition.