We are intervening on existing and new policies that reimagine a world without punitive measures and create a world where Black people have all that we need: food, education, housing, health care, clean water, breathable air, and everything that is foundational to personal and community safety. We engaged in a diverse range of policy initiatives including…

Defunding the police
BLM GNF, in coalition with the Movement for Black Lives, created and supported the launch of the BREATHE Act, our modern day civil rights bill, marking the first time abolitionist organizations proposed comprehensive federal legislation that addresses the root causes of the violence we've seen and felt acutely as the visibility of police and white supremacist killings has spurred global outrage.
Pretrial Reform
No on Prop 25
Prop 25 was a no-bail bill allowing judges unprecedented power to incarcerate people accused of crimes with little due process of law. We advocated against this because it required courts to use racially biased algorithms to help decide who is jailed and who goes free. We are proud to say “No on Prop 25” succeeded!
Anti-voter suppression
HR 1 for the people act
BLMGNF is proud to have endorsed and successfully organized a petition of over 4,500 signatures urging representatives to co-sponsor and pass critical voting rights legislation based on the late Representative. John Lewis's Voter Empowerment Act.
Police oversight
Pass the COUP Act
BLMGNF supported and brought attention to Rep. Jamaal Bowman’s (D-NY) Congressional Oversight of Unjust Policing Act (COUP Act), inviting thousands of you to call your representatives directly!
Medicare for All
Medicare for all
As part of our ongoing campaign to help Black people thrive, Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BMGNF) joined U.S. Representatives and numerous organizations to endorse legislation that would expand access to healthcare for tens of millions of Americans.
Demilitarize the Police Campaigns
End the 1033 Program
In 2021, BLMGNF launched a campaign to urge President Biden to stop the militarization of police departments, and ban the transfer of vehicles and equipment made for war zones.
Supreme Court Democracy Reform
Lobbying Against Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court Nomination
BLMGNF organized a petition in opposition to Barrett’s nomination that received over 18,000 signatures and worked with Senator Cory Booker to submit a formal opposition letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee.
DC Statehood
DC Statehood is a Racial Justice Issue
Transforming our democracy and Black liberation require Black voices to be heard and centered, plain and simple. D.C. is majority Black and brown. And right now, they have zero representatives in Congress. BLMGNF led a call to action encouraging people to send a letter to their senators to demand they support D.C. statehood.
Ending the Filibuster
Beware of the filibuster
The filibuster is a racist, anti-democratic tool that upholds white supremacy. It is used as a tactic to prevent legislation that moves us towards Black liberation. BLMGNF mobilized our email list to write 4,271 emails to senators to end the filibuster once and for all.
Climate Justice
Ted Cruz must resign
In response to Senator Ted Cruz’s flee to Mexico during one of Texas’ February 2021 winter storm, we organized a petition, which received almost 19,000 signatures, demanding for the resignation of United States Senator Ted Cruz. Cruz is one of the fiercest members of Congress who actively works against climate justice efforts.